Production Tracking System

Benefits of unrefined natural Solar Salt and Healthy Eating

  • Production Area
  • Producer Name
  • Production Date

All production processes of Solar Salt is strictly recorded with the production area, producer name, production date so we can track each problem promptly.

Benefits of Solar Salt

Production Tracking System

The production tracking system allows strict tracking of each production process until the product reaches the final consumer, If there is a problem with the product, it will be disposed of immediately and will be traced back to where the problem occurred.

Identity Management System

All packages of Solar Salt are individually labeled with numbers to trace where each package was produced, who produced it, and when it produced. Each pack is traceable to the customers as well. Customers are able to trace each pack of Solar Salt to find out where, who, and when their salt is produced via Smartphones or Internet.

Production Tracking System Under korea and Foreign Regulations

  • EU Food Regulation

    All processes food and feed for purposes off consumption must be traceable through each process step from the production, packaging, and distribution on all grounds.

  • Japanese Beef Production Tracking Regulation

    All domestically produced beef must be traceable from the breeding, processing, packaging, distribution, and sales, and may retroactive measures accordingly.

  • Codex Special Committee(Biotechnology Food Committee)

    Defines each verification system to trace each production and distribution process of food.

  • Agricultural Quality Management Regulation

    App production and distribution processes of agricultural products must be strictly recorded and managed. If a problem occurs during any process of production, it should be traced back to find the cause of the problem and appropriate measures should be taken to resolve the problem to ensure food safety.

  • Production Tracking System of Beef

    All beef production and distribution must be traceable to each process of production from the birth of the cow, breeding, production, and distribution.

  • Quality Management Regulations for Ocean Products

    Under the ‘Quality Management Regulations for Ocean Products’ law, it is required to strictly record and manage eah product from the ocean for safe consumption. If a problem occurs, it must be identified where and when it occurred and appropriate measures must be taken to resolve the problem.