Solar Salt

Production Process of Korea’s Solar Salt

We perform quality assurance tests and control the supply and demand of the salt industry, to enhance the competitive edge of Korea’s Solar Salt. All levels of production process can be traced from the extraction to the distribution the Solar Salt.

01. Reservoirs

Sea water (salinity level is at 1~2 degrees) is stored in the reservoirs

02. Waterways

Reserved water is flowed to first level evaporation through waterways

03. 1st Level Evaporation

Natural evaporation process goes on for about seven days and salt water becomes more concentrated.Then, the water is flowed through waterways for second level evaporation (6%~8% salt water at this level)

04. Storage Warehouse

Concentrated salt water is stored from rain and snow, and crystallized when it reaches 23~25 percent.

05. Crystallization

Remaining moisture is naturally evaporated and starts to crystallize about 27 percent.

06. Gathering

Salt crystals are gathered in one area for final evaporation process and then sent to warehouse

07. Salt Warehouse

Bittern is eliminated and packaged, ready for distribution.